About Us

WeCare is a trusted NDIS provider committed to empowering people of all ages and all abilities to live an active, social and independent lifestyle in the Northern Beaches and throughout the beautiful surrounds of Sydney.

WeCare focuses on providing caring support for you and your loved ones. To put it simply, we truly care.

Our focus is on providing caring people. We handpick and screen everyone who joins our team who share our values and our mission to help others and provide a supporting, empowering, safe and reliable space for people of all abilities to live an independent and happy lifestyle aligned with their goals and needs.

We want to support and empower you to live independent, active and happy lifestyles.

Our Purpose: 

We focus on empowering people of all abilities and ages to live an independent, active and social lifestyle aligned with their own goals and needs. We are strongly committed to caring for people living with disabilities and psychosocial difficulties in the Northern Beaches and throughout Sydney. With our experienced team, we provide personalised care and assistance tailored to each individuals' unique needs.

Our Values:

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WELLNESS: WeCare promote wellness. Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, that culminates in a more successful and fulfilling life. Wellness is a state well being that incorporates physical, mental and social factors


EMPOWERING: WeCare focus on empowering you to live independently and are here to support you as needed.


CARING: WeCare are caring & compassionate. We are kind, caring, empathetic, listeners, who’s purpose in life is to help others.


ACCOUNTABLE: WeCare are Accountable. We take full responsibility for you and your loved ones while they are in our care. We are trained and certified professionals who are qualified to support and assist you as needed. 


RELIABLE: WeCare are reliable. We are committed and trusted to provide you support on time, consistently and of high quality. We are trusted.


ENRICH: WeCare focuses on enrich lives. We want to make lives fuller, more meaningful and more rewarding.

Looking for Quality Support workers? 

If you are currently seeking caring support workers, we are here to help. As a trusted NDIS provider, we are committed to making a positive difference in your life.